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Jeff F, Zappos Customer , December 22, I have had the shoes for little over a month now and they are getting to the point the leather is forming to my foot shape.

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The leather is a good quality and thick, so expect a few weeks break in period. I was worried about my foot sliding around once they were broken in, but this has not been the case. They keep your foot in place, but allow the ability to breath by not having the shoes tightly wrapped by shoelaces or lacing in general.

I was on my feet for over 11 hours straight one night at work and they definitely did their job of reducing fatigue. After 11 hours straight I would compare the fatigue of my feet to about 4 hours of my last pair of work boots I used. They are still breaking in, so I only expect them to get more comfortable.

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  • I would not hesitate to buy again and have recommended them to others already. Anonymous, Zappos Customer , September 2, Review for Zappos Rewards Points What's this? Just a quick note about sizing: most of my shoes are around size 12 US Men's and that's why I ordered the size 11 AU because it is supposed to convert to 12 US.

    Seems simple enough. The boots arrive it's immediately clear that they're too big. For many yankees like myself the Australian sizing can add a layer confusion, especially if you're not able to try the boots on in a store. I'd advise ordering a full size smaller than you normally would; these ran large for me. I was immediately and pleasantly surprised with how comfortable they were, right out of the box. I do a variety of handy work ranging from art handling to demolition and construction, and since I live in the city I commute by bicycle.

    These boots are comfortable enough to wear all day, light enough to wear while riding a bike without them feeling clunky at all, and of course durable and supportive enough for real work. Highly recommended; I should have bought these years ago. Greg, Zappos Customer , April 20, Comfort 4 Rated 4 stars out of 5. Style 3 Rated 3 stars out of 5. Great fit and comfort for a steel-toed boot. Anonymous, Zappos Customer , February 9, This is my second pair of Blundstones. I wore the first pair, BL , for a year straight and the soles gave up. This pair is, to my surprise, steel toe.

    I missed that somehow in the description. Keeping them because in early December we dropped a desk on my foot and I had a limp for a few days. The BL might have been a tighter fit in my right foot. I like them! I work in the lighting department for TV production.

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    • Do These Work Boots Make My Feet Look Fat?.
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    • Blundstones are great for climbing truss, scaling set walls and lugging gear for hour days. Great boots. Anonymous, Zappos Customer , January 15, Way more comfortable than the Mountain Horse boots I'm replacing. Anonymous, Zappos Customer , June 2, My job requires use of steel toe safety shoes and I have only worn Blundstones for the last several years. The BLs break in well and are comfortable enough to put in several miles of walking a day. They are also stylish enough to clean up and wear with a pair of khakis when the VPs are in town.

      Once they get too scuffed up they are relegated to yard duty and replaced with a new pair. The BLs are not as comfortable as my BL casual boots the s have a leather liner, these do not , but they are close once the leather molds to your foot. They are very secure for slip on boots, but if you prefer to crank your laces up tight these probably aren't for you. Anonymous, Zappos Customer , May 22, This is a great, comfortable boot.

      The Best Work Boots and Hiking Boots for Flat Feet -

      I work in a warehouse and I am literally walking on concrete floors for 8 hours. I was nervous when we had to start wearing steel toe! Kristi P, Zappos Customer , November 8, Once you find the right size, and Zappos is amazingly forgiving while you mail your boots back and forth, these are extraordinary boots and a good value.

      I bought them for working in the woods, often in mud, sometimes ankle deep, felling trees, bucking firewood, cutting and dragging brush. In 8 months of wearing them my feet never once got wet. I do have a wide toe-spread and I can feel the edge of the steel toe on my right toe interphalangeal joint.

      How to Measure Your Foot Size - Do You Have Wide or Narrow Feet?

      I recently placed and received an order from you. I just wanted to say thanks! I am hesitant to place orders over the internet but this was fast and efficient do to the way you operate.

      What to Do When Your Shoes Are Too Tight

      I am a disabled Vietnam vet and have difficulty in finding reasonably priced, comfortable fitting shoes due to my medical condition. The boots I ordered from you are good quality and very comfortable Thank you again!! I appreciate your follow-up letter concerning my purchase of your product. It's refreshing to know that there are people out there just as concerned with customer, or in my case guest satisfaction, as myself Once again, thank you!

      We have shoes from size 14 up to size 21 and widths up to 9E in men's shoes. We carry a wide selection of big footwear for men including athletic , casual , dress , boots , work shoes and boots , sandals , slippers , therapeutic shoes and more. The shoes you want And you'll find out about new arrivals and promotions before anyone else! This boot looks lightweight and rather stylish. The upper is an attractive mix of soft nubuck leather and Gore-Tex enhanced fabric that provides waterproofing and resistance to dust and debris. The heel and toe are lso both cushioned and ventilated for extra 'dry wearing' comfort.

      A TPA midsole offers good arch support but the upper is not as stiff as some other hiking boot options and so the 'break in' period is considerably reduced. The downside of these boots? Although the molded chassis offers some shock resistance it may not be enough for tough climbs. If you just take a quick look at this boot chances are that you'll think is a nice looking, mid-weight boot that looks relatively solid.

      If you actually read some of its labelings you'll then discover it's also a little bit of a technological marvel, and that most of these technologies are geared towards providing as much support, stability and comfort as possible. The midsole, for example, the part of the boot designed to offer the arch support a flat-footed person needs so badly, is more than just an insert. It's a TPU 'frame construction' that is designed to cradle the arch for maximum stability.

      The reinforced insole also offers great shock absorption and the stacked, slimline heel is just the right height, even for those with very flat feet. Oh, and one more thing. The footbed is climate controlled. And if that sounds a bit fancy it's because it kind of is. Are things getting a little steamy? Built-in ventilation will cool those tootsies right down. A woman's hiking boot needs to offer the same comforts and features as a good man's boot, but preferably in a slightly less clunky style. And for a woman with flat feet all of that extra support and stability features need to be in place as well.

      Not just to prevent foot pain but to help prevent nagging injuries like twisted ankles that many who are flat footed do tend to be prone to if their feet are not properly protected as the walk or hike the day away. With all of this in mind here are a few of the women's hiking boots for flat feet we think you should keep an eye out for while shopping.

      These are the 'ladies version' of the Salomon hiking shoes we were so impressed by for the guys. In terms of style, they boast more of a sneaker-inspired look and can be found in a number of rather nice, but not too girly, colorways. Like the men's version, the uppers are a robust hybrid of soft leather and Goretex lined fabric and this combination provides great weather resistance and waterproofing. A lugged outer sole provides excellent traction but does not make the shoe look too bulky.

      Inside the boot is where the magic really happens though. The EVA midsole and TPU chassis work together to offer excellent arch support and OrthoLite sock liners offer cushiony comfort that cradles the foot nicely while providing that much-needed shock absorption you need for longer hikes. Again, this is basically a women's version of a hiking boot we were impressed with when reviewing the best men's hiking boots for flat feet.

      In terms of looks, the first word that springs to mind about these hiking boots is bright. Even the gray colorway has a brilliance that is rather attractive and if you are a fan of lots of colors then from among the 16 different colorways you are sure to find something you like.

      This having been said these are not a flimsy choice. Inside you have a nice EVA midsole for arch support and whole foot padding for wearing comfort and shock absorption. There is a reason all over comfort level but do be prepared for the fact that these boots do take a little breaking in and it may take several wears before you feel truly comfortable in them.

      If you don't want to spend a small fortune on hiking boots but you don't want to end up falling flat on your face or hobbling home in agony because your choice was just too cheap then these versatile boots from KEEN are well-worth considering. Looks wise these are a colorful but cool choice and have a nice slimline profile. The manufacturers claim that these offer 'four-wheel-drive performance for your feet' is a little twee but they are tougher than they look and do offer the decent support and traction you need for hikes in all kinds of weathers.

      The one issue that some have with these boots, however, is a lack of ankle support. Even if you don't have flat feet it's easy to roll an ankle while hiking and thanks or no thanks to their lack of natural arch this is an even bigger danger for those with flat feet. So wearing a shoe lacking in ankle support could be a little risky. The fact is though that if you only hike occasionally maybe just in the summer when the weather is warm but not too hot these are a perfectly good option.

      The fact that they also make comfortable long wear walking shoes is a plus too. Boots - work boots, hiking boots, even dressier cowboy boots - are, if they are good quality, rarely inexpensive. They are also rather solid footwear choices, usually lacking the give and comfort that lighter footwear options like sneakers and dress shoes can offer. Ever tried climbing a ladder in flip-flops? Or hiking a trail in dress shoes? Yeah, it just can't be done.

      This rigidity does make buying the right boots tricky for those with flat feet. The lack of an arch that comes along with the condition calls for plenty of support and cushioning along the length of the foot, not just in the arch area.

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      The flatter 'fall' of the foot as those with flat feet walk calls for greater shock absorption and cushioning. The tendency toward foot pain and fatigue after just a few hours of standing and walking calls for some kind of energy return system that can put a little extra 'spring' in their step. Can all of this - and more - really be found in a work boot?

      Or a hiking boot? The good news is that it can. There was a time that, if you suffered from flat feet and did not want to spend every day in pain, clunky, chunky and kind of ugly specialist orthopedic shoes were the only really effective choice. Fortunately, those bad old days are over. Shoe manufacturers and designers are increasingly recognizing the need to offer footwear that looks good and is good for the feet - including the feet of those without arches!

      With all of this in mind, what are the absolute basics you should be looking for in boots for flat feet?