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Additional Product Features Author s. Show more Show less. No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review. Best-selling in Non Fiction See all. Save on Non Fiction Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. It is in your mind. The world of suffering is a projection from the fear-based mind.

The world seen with the Holy Spirit is still an illusion, but it is seen for the illusion it is. You know you are the dreamer. The mind that forgives the illusion of the world is at peace and is happy. Hi, Bridget, Thank you for writing. Bodies, including angelic bodies, are considered part of the illusion of the world of form.

The Holy Spirit looks on the entire cosmos with love and forgiveness, knowing that all of it is an illusion. The Holy Spirit can lead us home to God through symbols of love and forgiveness, such as angels and ascended masters. Once we find our way back to heaven, however, we won't need angels to help us. At that point, we know we're one with God. It indeed is confusing when we first start understanding it, and the Course tells us we go through a period of disorientation as our old thought system breaks down and truth dawns on our minds. Most of us were raised with the idea that God is some Being in Heaven, out there, that controls what happens on earth.

When we are introduced to metaphysics we hear the idea that God is inside us, not out there. The next step is that we are God. I still catch myself doing this. A Course in Miracles is written on both the dualistic level and the non-dualistic level, so we can receive help wherever our mind is. Two things. Form, physicality, by its very nature, must have another object to perceive. Space and time is the gap between two forms or two objects.

The non-dualistic level is Oneness, in which there is no opposite. This is an intuitive leap, and your mind is starting to become aware of it, given your question. Oneness simply is, without any space or time. If there is only Oneness, how can there be a God out there? If there is only Oneness, how can there be a you or a me? If there is only Oneness, how can there be a me that needs to ask a God for things? When you get to Oneness, you see that you could never have been born and you can never die. Duality is physicality that takes shape, seems to live awhile, then dies.

Oneness is formless, eternal and changeless. This is where true freedom lies. A suggestion to train your mind to the awareness of Oneness is this: when you find yourself praying to someone outside yourself, be it the Holy Spirit, God, etc. The Holy Spirit and God are indeed You. Thanks, Ron. The ego wants us to believe they are real and that we have to fix them or the problem they represent. They improve the ego rather than release the ego.

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Let the shame come up, physically breathe it out of the body, and then remind yourself of Truth and your one goal. Or say, "I forgive myself for being angry. I forgive myself for thinking I'm Rita. I forgive myself for wanting to be scared and sad. You have experienced this many times, but the ego wants you to forget it. You as Rita do not have to fix your problems. Hello again. I am really trying to understand since its been ingrained in our heads about God as a separate thing..

Have three more questions. What's the point of praying, how were we created, and what happens after bodily death? I know you probably heard these questions before but I really like how you give answers. A Course in Miracles states in the 50 Miracle Principles that prayer is the medium of miracles. While we believe we are separate, prayer is the way we connect with our Higher Mind, the Holy Spirit within us.

Prayer does not need to beseech; every thought is actually a prayer, since thoughts are what give rise to the world we see. When we think thoughts of separation, sickness and death we see the hateful world of the ego thought system. The Song of Prayer pamphlet talks about the ladder of prayer.

The first rung is beseeching God for things. The second rung is asking for help for others. The third and highest rung is simply communion without words. There is nothing we need or want. Thus, your question points to the highest rung, in which prayer is a constant state rather than a person praying to a higher Being. The Holy Spirit takes it as Oneness and joyful connection. We think of creation in terms of linear time, being born at a point in time and dying at another point. Since time is simultaneous, there is no beginning and no ending.

That means you were never created and will never die. The Course tells us that time was made up by the ego to justify separation and make bodies and the world appear real. VII The body is simply a projection of the mind, a figment of the imagination. I am Spirit. As with Oneness, this is an intuitive leap that cannot be understood by the logical mind. Keep practicing and one day the light will come on.

Then you will never see the world the same again and you will be free. There are many books that talk about people visiting heaven with near-death experiences, and many psychics give reports from deceased loved one on the other side. All these realms are still part of the illusion, as all form is unreal. However, heavenly realms can be seen as right-minded perception, for they reflect the love of God in form.

They bring us comfort. The Course says in several places that whatever a person believes is true for him, and it is what he will project from his mind. A Christian is likely to find himself in heaven, a spiritualist may find himself in a pleasant astral plane, etc. There is no other place.

Heaven is now. There is no other time. All dreams will end with this one. Either all things die, or else they live and cannot die. No compromise is possible. We come once again to an idea which the intellect cannot comprehend. Having made the idea of death, the ego cannot see beyond it. All things are in your mind. Your body called Ron is in your mind. All your loved ones are in your mind. When the body appears to die, the mind is still there, and all its thoughts are there as well. It took me several years of going round and round with ego thinking before the light came on, and then it would go off and come back on.

I have been meaning to write for quite some time to thank you so much for your presentation here at the conference. I have been reading your book and finding it very helpful and well-written. I also want to convey my very deepest sympathies in the loss of your father. I also have a question As I said, I've been reading your book and last night I came upon something but of course today I can't remember where In Dr.

ACIM Mentor: A Course in Miracles - faster and easier

Hi, Marie, It's so nice to hear from you! I, too, enjoyed meeting you. I think what you're referring to is the example of The Lion King on p. I'm so grateful for the Course. Without it I would have been absolutely devastated by the loss of my dad. But with it, I'm filled with peace, joy and Truth. What a miracle! I so enjoy sharing the Course , with you, the Christ. All forms are unreal but the pain is not.. Dear Herman, Thank you for writing.

Physical pain can be one of the hardest illusions to rise above. Putting this idea into practice, while it can be done in a holy instant, usually takes most of us a lot of effort and time. The body was made to distract us from our true Identity, and physical pain pulls us into the body in an intense way. Thoughts from the ego thought system are part of the world of form. These thoughts are completely unreal. Lesson tells us that until we accept our true Identity, we will appear to suffer. I cannot suffer, cannot be in pain; I cannot suffer loss, nor fail to do all that salvation asks.

As you catch yourself having false thoughts, you may want to replace them with this affirmation. Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance in dealing with the pain. He will direct you specifically. He may direct you to just take pain medication and forgive the need to do that. You can take pain meds and still correct your thoughts. The body is a projection of the mind, and when we realize the body is completely apart from us, it is seen as healed. All healing, including the perception of pain, is in the mind. There are many cases where people have been able to ease their mind, and pain eases in turn.

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You are not a body. You are not small self Herman, you are the Holy Son of God. May you forgive all identification with this world and its pain, and know your wholeness. And in Bible it is also said that we must pray and ask if we want to get something. If God does not know about this world how are these then to explain? They could not come from our mind because we do could not even imagine beforehand what might happen. There are passages in ACIM that could be interpreted this way, but there are many passages that suggest that God does know of this world and the Holy Spirit does take action in the world.

There are different schools of thought about the interpretation of ACIM. For God to know of anything outside Itself, there would have to be two things. This would then be duality, rather than non-duality. We just appear separate. Duality is the idea that people are on earth and God is somewhere out there, separated from us. Duality is the condition of opposite states, such as light and dark, male and female, heaven and hell.

A Course in Miracles is written on all three levels, so whatever a person believes about God, he can find an answer in the Course. As we progress on our spiritual journey, we come to understand God is within us, and we are part of God. We no longer pray to someone out there, but we access God within. Further along in our understanding, many people grasp the concept that there is nothing but God, and we are It. This is an abstract concept that usually only comes when we have sufficiently cleared away ego blocks to its awareness.

At this point we realize the ego, bodies, and the physical world do not, and have never, existed. The only prayer is one of joy and gratitude for eternal union with Love. We know we have no needs, for we are the Christ Self which is completely whole and home with God. In the meantime, while we think we are separate individuals with separate bodies, A Course in Miracles suggests we pray to the Holy Spirit for our specific needs.

Jesus, in writing the Course , knew that we do not believe we are whole. You will be told all you need to know. His answer is both many and one, as long as you believe that the one is many. When you tap into that, miracles happen. It does not matter what religious rules you follow. The important thing is to believe. A Course in Miracles states that miracles remain at the level of perception, where they are needed.

What that means is when we think we are separate from God, we need miracles to help us get home. However, there is no world outside of our mind, therefore in truth, there is no world for the Holy Spirit to help us with. That's why some teachings emphasize that the Holy Spirit does not take action in the world.

When we know that we are the mind of God, outside of time and space, we need nothing. Perception and miracles happen in the world of form. Yet God is formless, changeless and eternal. This is pure non-duality, and this is outside of time and space. I hope this answers your question. Feel free to contact me again if you need clarification. It took me years to grasp these concepts, and I still get confused at times. Am I Making Up the World? Is it a group illusion or is it completely something that I have made up? What I am most concerned about is other people.

I am fairly new to the Course , but not all the concepts it teaches. Is the Course saying that everything is in my head, including other people? For example did I make you up? Did I make up my wife? Or, is ACIM simply saying my perception is falsely colored by my illusory experience and I am not seeing others as they really are? The rub I have is that if I am indeed making this all up I am doing a poor job of it, yet at the same time am pretty creative as I have written every screen play and painted every piece of art within the confines of my head.

As you can see, I am a little confused. Hi, Ryan, Thanks for writing. This is a great question, and I can tell you have some background in metaphysical concepts. In the Oneness, there are no bodies and there is no physical form at all. Once there is form, there is two-ness, not oneness. There are two things, a subject and an object.

He says it in A Course in Miracles more directly and more often, because now we are ready to hear it. Two thousand years ago they crucified him for telling the Truth, but now more and more of us are awakening to our true Identity as the Christ. The Workbook lessons of the Course train your mind to accept this Identity. There are a number of them that speak directly to this, and most speak indirectly of it. It is the only Workbook lesson that is repeated. It then is repeated in the reviews, so it is mentioned times in the Course.

Your identity as Ryan is a false projection from the mind. You are the Mind of God, but have chosen to project the idea of yourself into an illusory world and an illusory body. There is nothing outside of your Mind. When you do the Workbook lessons, and when you forgive every single thing, this Truth starts dawning on you.

At first you get glimpses, then it becomes more consistent, until finally your True Identity becomes a permanent state in your awareness. Your other question: Is ACIM simply saying my perception is falsely colored by my illusory experience and I am not seeing others as they really are?

ACIM is saying there is no world, period. This is the central thought the course attempts to teach. However, this is quite scary to the ego, so until our minds are ready to accept this we are led gently down the path of the right-minded perception of the world. This perception shows a world forgiven, innocent and illusory.

We are aware that we are dreaming it all up. In this awareness, we see beyond bodies to the one Christ Self in each of us. There is one ego dream, and one Christ Self. The Course trains us to see all the apparent fragments as One. If you see someone as a body, you are not seeing him as he truly is. He is the Christ. The idea that your perception is falsely colored by your illusory experience is partially correct, but A Course in Miracles takes that concept all the way.

Not one single thing in form is true. There is no ego thought system. That is just a concept to help us understand. There is no dream. That is another concept. There is no individual self. However, this is not death or nihilism, as the ego would define it. We are giving up nothing the small self for everything. We are not losing anything.

You, your wife, and all your loved ones are thoughts in the Mind of God. They are thoughts of Love, and they are never lost. You are never lost. You are eternal Spirit, forever connected to the All. You are exchanging your single piece for the whole pie.

There is one ego thought system as a whole. The ego does a poor job of everything. You personally are not making up the ego script, as that was a false idea that made up the dream world. It was over long ago, but in reality never happened. Part of the ego script is a dream figure called Ryan. He is a puppet in the dream. Once Ryan asks for a new perception, asks the Holy Spirit to replace fear with love, Ryan is free.

This is where Ryan slowly gains an understanding that he is the Christ, not a body. Your responsibility is to choose Truth, to choose the Holy Spirit over the ego, or to choose love over fear. Only you can do this, and each seeming individual person has to do this for himself. Once he chooses rightly, he sees there never was a choice, because his mind has returned to choiceless Oneness. But until that time, it appears there is a choice, and it is one that has to be made if we are to awaken. We will not awaken if we try to make the world of form real, while simply saying bodies are unreal.

Many people want to make the cosmos real, while stating we are spiritual beings within the universe. The Course tells us we are spiritual beings that are home with God, not in a universe of form. You are not in time and space because time and space are the ego thought system. You cannot keep one piece of it falsely, because you see either Truth or illusion.

The two thought systems are completely incompatible. The One Son of God appeared to fragment into billions of sons. There is only One Son, therefore it is a group illusion. At the same time, your particular identity as Ryan has to make the choice to return to your True Identity. It will not look anything like what I imagine I see now. Everyone and everything will lean toward me to bless me. I will recognize in everyone my dearest Friend.

The body can only see other bodies and the world of illusion. Christ vision, which is outside time and space, sees Oneness. There is nothing else. It is a beautiful experience. Everyone needs to ask the Holy Spirit for his own guidance. There are many different teachers of the Course , and there are different interpretations. For you, the perfect one is your own inner voice.

What outside teachers say needs to be weighed against your inner guidance. A Course in Miracles tells us the curriculum is highly individualized, so the specific teachings and tools you need to get back home will be provided for you. I hope this helps. You may need to read and re-read it. I got confused often, then the light came on. What is the Final State? Thanks for the thorough and thoughtful reply. It does clear the water quite a bit. You touched on something that I have been concerned with not just with the Course, but in other non-dual spiritual paths, annihilation.

It is a frightening concept. As I'm sure you know many Christians associate hell with annihilation, they cease to exist. Knowing God is working for good, and is love itself, the annihilation would not be a punishment but nonetheless is our ultimate destiny to become starry eyed ghosts who themselves become "love" or "God"? I understand that much of our personalities are ego driven but in the final state do we all become the same? Could you comment please on the final state? Again, thanks. God is eternal and ever-extending. There is no final state. You are enlightened and in heaven NOW.

Miracles and forgiveness give us glimpses of Truth in this world. They are so incredibly beautiful compared to our ego world, that when we experience them we dance with joy and love. The ego lies. You never lose anyone or anything. The real world is the happy dream. The more we still the mind and take the focus off the body, the more aware we become of being in heaven already. Heaven is a state of mind, not a place. The states of love, peace, joy contain within them a myriad of qualities.

While the forms of these qualities are transient and illusory, the qualities themselves go on eternally. Beauty, appreciation, kindness, generosity, honesty, caring, etc. When we love a person we love them not for their body, but for their playfulness, wisdom, or cute personality quirks. The thoughts of love are forever. There is no separation. There is totality. There is wholeness and oneness, and that includes the reflections of love in the illusory world. The Christ Mind that is home with God is total Oneness.

Love has no object and no opposite. I used to actually want nihilism because I was in so much pain. I absolutely hated the world, the body and myself. Everything is thought, since form is unreal. Get Over It! I AM love, peace and joy and can look on all the separate fragments of the illusion as one illusion.

When I see one illusion, I see the whole, unbroken and forgiven. He is an example of a thought of Love in the Mind of God. When I thought he was his body, there was separation. I could only be with him if our bodies were together. And the separation was even more painful as he declined with dementia. Even though his body is now ashes, he is alive forever. There is absolutely no separation in Truth. The Course says that in the holy instant there are no bodies. That also means there is no form.

But God is Love, ever-extending. Love can be extended to the thought of form. They are illusions, because form is never real, but they can reflect light. A Course in Miracles speaks to this: How can you who are so holy suffer? All your past except its beauty is gone, and nothing is left but a blessing. I have saved all your kindnesses and every loving thought you ever had. I have purified them of the errors that hid their light, and kept them for you in their own perfect radiance.

They are beyond destruction and beyond guilt. They came from the Holy Spirit within you, and we know what God creates is eternal. Every awesome person is you. Every beautiful thing in nature is you. The body is not valuable, but the idea of the person is. When a couple decides to have a baby from love, that baby is an extension of love. The Course talks about God being changeless.

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Boredom is a false idea of the ego. The creativity of Spirit is always joyful and eternal. The changeless states of beauty, love, joy, and peace, expressed in infinite ways, are God. The form is not God, but the state is. I needed the thought system of pure non-duality because I needed the world to not be real. The world was way too painful for me and I could not get over all the suffering I saw.

A Course in Miracles healed me. It told me that suffering and the world was not real. I was so relieved. Now I can extend love to the world of form. The choice for love over hate has transformed me. Thank you so much for asking this question, Ryan. I had been pondering this before you wrote. You are a beautiful extension of my mind that showed up to help bring clarification. I have a couple more if you don't mind. The world is an illusion so how does one handle debts, poor health etc?

We must still find a way to meet our earthly obligations in some way. How does one do this if there is no money to handle day to day living.

Serenity Through A Course In Miracles

I ponder things like this and hope you and your experience in acim can shed some light on these matters. Your question about handling earthly bills and poor health is a common one. A Course in Miracles tells us our only function is forgiveness, and we have to forgive the belief in death. All forms of lack stem from the belief in death. It may appear as sadness, fear, anxiety or doubt; as anger, faithlessness and lack of trust; concern for bodies, envy, and all forms in which the wish to be as you are not may come to tempt you.

We have become afraid and projected an illusion in which we are bodies that can die. We think we can get sick, lose our homes, lose our loved ones, etc. When we forgive our illusions, miracles occur. We are guided by the Holy Spirit to do whatever it takes to pay our bills, protect our health, etc. This may not look like the ego expects. We may not get as much money as we want, the partner we want, or the job we want.

Most of us, including me, put the cart before the horse. When we turn that around and decide to forgive first, everything falls in place. A Course in Miracles is continually re-minding us that the only way out of our problems is forgiveness. When we choose forgiveness, over and over and over, we discover the happiness we were looking for in perfect health or wealth. Help me to see things differently. Help me to release the beliefs in lack and separation from my Source. Forgiveness, when it becomes a habit, is the key to happiness Lesson Thanks for reading Breaking Free. Lorri, I can read and email just a little.

But also acim I think says the script is written for us before we come here? I'm so confused. I do think we bring on illness by believing in the ego thought system, and that we decided on that before we came here. However, once we realize that we made that decision from the ego thought system, we can change our mind, give it to the Holy Spirit, and be healed. We thought up bodies so we could feel separate from God. Just keep turning your thoughts over to the Holy Spirit. That will heal you. When I first read this sentence it took my breath away.

So, I have been trying to figure out what the problem is. It's exciting. I picked up this small book several years ago on the free book table in a thrift store. Hi, Pat, This is great, and it is Truth, plain and simple in a nutshell. You recognize it and it's wonderful that you are aware of the small self fighting it. ACIM says often that it's simple. I've been getting this same revelation, so am grateful for your confirmation. The concept of God as a bully from my fundamental upbringing has died hard.

I've had the same thing you've mentioned, about realizing there is no other to lean on. It is scary when I think I'm my small self. But I like Lesson 47, "God is the strength in which I trust. Hi, Herm, Forgiveness does not condone what someone did. It simply lets it go. Abuse is never okay and should not be justified. The way A Course in Miracles takes forgiveness one step further is to see this world as a dream we have made up. Therefore, your family member is a figure in your dream. However, the ego cannot do this.

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Only your Wise Mind, the Holy Spirit within you, knows this. Regarding whether you associate with this family member or not, ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. There is no set rule. At times you may be directed to speak to this person and at other times, not. We are not expected to be doormats for abuse, so if the pattern is one in which the person is mean, thieving, lying, etc. If someone still irritates us, there is something within ourselves we are having difficulty seeing. Once the issue within you is resolved, the person will not bother you anymore.

When I forgave myself for not wanted to be around her, the irritation went away. When I asked for help, I noticed that I, myself, was feeling like a victim in a different area of my own life. Hope this helps. Thank you for the compliment on the book. Hi Lorri, I have another question for you. When we say I am as god created me and not a body, some people seem to take this as not having to care or do anything regarding the world such as paying the bills, helping others etc. I look forward to your take on this question. Thank you for your time and great site.

Then we do what the Holy Spirit says. This becomes effortless, because we are being moved by our higher Mind. We will be told what work to do, what job to take, etc. Lesson also talks about not making plans on our own, rather letting the Holy Spirit tell us how to lead our day. As we surrender every decision to the Holy Spirit, we start waking up. We also realize that bodies are puppets that only look like they have choices to make. Then earthly tasks get done, seemingly on their own.

For example, the body does the dishes, goes to work and pays the bills. I went to work. The ego mind cannot understand this. It is an intuitive leap as you awaken, and it will happen for you if you do the workbook lessons of A Course in Miracles. It is the most freeing thing ever. I am not a body, I am free, and I need do nothing to attain that.

The only thing I need to do is believe that I am the Son of God, and receive it.

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Hi, Lorri.. The ego is not, and can never be enlightened, but we are not the ego. We are the holy Son of God Himself, right here, right now. Heaven is here. There is nowhere else. We do not have to wait for the body to die before we become enlightened. When we think we see bodies, we are seeing an illusion. When your mind is healed, you will see that bodies, trees, pavement, etc. You will see the light beyond them and know that you are already home. Is it your choice to do so? The choice is for truth over illusion.

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When we are determined to see Lesson 20 we will see. When we want truth and nothing else, that is what we get. We are one with God right now. Our original, natural state is without a body. In fact, that is our current state, but we just think we have bodies. At first this seems like mumbo-jumbo, but the more you awaken, the more it becomes your reality, even while you seem to be in the illusion.

I was raised Catholic. My son is a hard-core born-again Christian. We cannot seem to find common ground with which to even discuss my beliefs. He ridicules me and the Course , and accuses me of bringing Satan into our home. I have taken to just not discussing spiritual beliefs at all, but I wonder if you have any thoughts on it?

You have probably already attempted to forgive this situation, and, if so, keep giving it to the Holy Spirit. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you see this differently. Your son is perfect just as he is. The apparent conflict between you is an ego trap to pull you into believing in attack and separation. Neither one means anything. Your true identity is the Christ Self. As the Christ, you know there is nothing outside of you. There is nothing to fix, and all appearances of problems are simply opportunities to choose again.

Choose to see the entire cosmos as one illusion. Your decision to not discuss spiritual beliefs appears wise and is probably the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This outward behavior can now support the inward change of mind about the situation. Mind is always the causal factor.

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