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Certain Dark Things: A Novel, Book by Silvia Moreno-garcia (Hardcover) |

He had all the presence of a garishly colored beach ball, especially in his striped t-shirt already stained with what looked like chocolate on the collar. Harriet wouldn't have held his weight against him if Dudley hadn't of been such a terrible little monster. He and his gang of friends loved to chase her down, and though Harriet was often quick enough to evade him, Dudley had caught and sat on her once. Harriet broke two ribs and spent two days whinging about the pain before Uncle Vernon took her to the emergency room. Dudley toddled over to the table groaning under the weight of wrapped presents with a gleeful expression on his face.

He looked a bit like a pig in a wig to Harriet, but she wisely kept her opinion to herself.

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If Aunt Petunia expected Dudley to be grateful, she had another thing coming. That's two less than last year! Aunt Petunia went about trying to mitigate the boy's oncoming temper tantrum and Harriet turned a deaf ear to the conversation, going back to the kitchen proper so she could pop a piece of bread into the toaster and slather on some peanut butter. She thought of her own eleventh birthday looming on the horizon, just a month away, and knew there'd be no celebration, no happy affection or hugs or warm kisses on the cheek.

There'd be no presents for her, of course. There never were. The Dursleys abhorred spending any amount of money of selfish little freaks like Harriet. She couldn't help being a freak, if that was indeed what she was. Sometimes odd things occurred around her, odd things that infuriated her aunt and uncle and terrified the daylights out of Dudley.

Harriet didn't think it fair for them to blame her, especially since she couldn't explain why these things happened in the first place. Sometimes objects fell off the counter, and she had a sneaking suspicion Set was to blame, though she never caught him in the act. Once, Uncle Vernon's pant leg burst into flame when he stood over Harriet threatening to smack her upside the head for her cheek. Another time the television exploded while Harriet wasn't even in the room, though she had been fervently hoping someone would turn the roaring volume down.

They could hardly blame her for such oddities. It wasn't like someone could set people on fire with their mind. Though, to be honest, Harriet rather liked the idea; she thought the Dursleys could benefit from having the seat of their pants set alight every now and then. The phone rang and Aunt Petunia tutted about solicitors interrupting breakfast as she got up and went to answer the handheld.

At the counter, Harriet polished off the last bit of her toast and looked glumly down at the crumbs on the plate. She'd go for a second piece if she didn't think her relatives would snatch it right out of her hands for being greedy. She can't take the girl; something about a broken leg. Harriet perked up. The "old woman" in question was Mrs Figg, an elderly widow who lived the next block over on Wisteria Walk and had a mildly obscene obsession with cats. The Dursleys left Harriet with the woman whenever they went on vacation or somewhere exciting, not that Harriet minded much.

She imagined even the best places would be atrocious in the company of her relatives, and Mrs Figg was nice enough. She was odd, but Harrriet liked off things and odd people. Sometimes she gave Harriet leftover cake. As Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon argued, Dudley threw a right fit about "not wanting her to come," his voice ringing in the confines of the house. Apparently they had an outing at the zoo planned for today. Harriet loved animals and, for a moment, the thought of going to the zoo sounded fascinating—until she saw the look in Dudley's piggy eyes as he glared at her over Aunt Petunia's shoulder.

Review: Certain Dark Things by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

The Dursleys stared, Uncle Vernon quickly approaching a shade near violet. Her aunt and uncle exchanged pointed looks, Uncle Vernon seemingly pleased with the idea, Aunt Petunia more suspicious of Harriet's motives.

Wicked Spirits Book Club Live Show: Certain Dark Things by Sylvia Moreno-Garcia

Harriet almost— almost —rolled her eyes. Rolling one's eyes was quite high on the list of things one shouldn't do if they didn't want to get swatted. Aunt Petunia fretted a bit more, Dudley's great, heaving sobs cutting off with haste when the doorbell rang and Petunia went to greet Piers Polkiss, Dudley's best mate.

Uncle Vernon quickly ushered Harriet out the back door while Aunt Petunia was distracted. The lock engaged behind Harriet with a decisive snap. A different little girl may have been terrified of being shut out in the yard for much of the day, but Harriet was quite enthused. She sat on the porch steps with the morning sun hot on her head, listening to the voices inside dwindle, then shift out into the front. She could hear Uncle Vernon's booming laugh, then the clap of car doors coming closed.

A minute later, the engine to Uncle Vernon's brand new company car turned over, and the wheels rumbled on the asphalt as the Dursleys drove away. A voice rose from the bed of Aunt Petunia's prized violets. Harriet hopped off the porch steps and crouched in the grass, her arms around her knees as she peeked through the bright leaves and saw a slender body slide through the mulch.

Ever since she was young, Harriet had been able to understand snakes.

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They sought her out for conversation and addressed her by the assumed title " Speaker. She didn't know why she was different in that regard and simply decided it was yet another odd factoid on the ever-increasing list of reasons why Harriet Potter was not normal. Next to having a sentient shadow and occasionally sparking accidental fires, Harriet considered chatting with snakes a rather tame quirk.

Another snake moved in the bushes and addressed Harriet, their sibilant voices twining together as they hissed out that title again and again. Harriet wondered what it was like to be a snake. Would it be better than living here, at Privet Drive? Maybe not. Harriet didn't think she'd much like the taste of mice or bugs, so she had better stay a little girl.

Both little snakes thanked her before zooming away like flickers of light in the parched grass.

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She was feeling rather maudlin about the day, as she always did around holidays and special occasions, but Harriet decided everything really wasn't all that bleak. In fact, she was looking forward to the start of the new school year; she'd be attending Stonewall High, a local state secondary school, and for the first time in her life wouldn't be in class with her bullying cousin. Dudley had gotten into Uncle Vernon's old public school, Smeltings. Harriet wouldn't have to see Dudley for almost ten months while he was away.

Smiling, Harriet stretched herself out on the lawn, feeling the warmth of the earth press into her back as her shadow stretched long at her side and one of the grass snakes returned, its hissing muffled by a mouthful of cricket. It wound about her ankles, and though the pressure of the thin body felt odd and ticklish, Harriet thought it comforting. I'm going to make friends and do my best and Dudley won't be about to stop me! He spiraled in feathery coils not unlike those of a giant snake. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter. Harriet Potter has always been odd.

Between having a shadow that moves on its own and chatting with snakes in the garden, learning she's a witch really isn't the strangest thing that's happened to the bespectacled girl with a lightning scar on her neck. Harry, Slytherin! Harry, AU Retelling]. He heard the mother's soul whisper, " Spare her. An idea occurred to him. Death sunk into the shadows spilled about the crib's base.

Perhaps not everything. Her name was Harriet Potter, and she was not a normal girl. Harriet snorted. Should have stayed in bed. No, going to the zoo would be a bloody nightmare in the making.

Harriet's shoulders slumped. From the bushes came a rustle of broken twigs. The trouble, though, is that Atl needs to get out of Mexico City and into a place where she is safe, both as a vampire and as a vampire tangled up in a great war. Mexico City, as we learn nearly immediately, is a safe place where vampires are not welcome, and yet, there is still a great rivalry within the city limits. Atl knows getting out and getting out of Mexico all together may be the only way to survive. Moreno-Garcia excels at world building in this story.

In many ways, we as readers are the character Domingo. One of the most intriguing characters in the story is the single mother Ana, who works as a cop and finds herself entangled in this battle between rival vampires.