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These are proven, successful methods which are easy to understand and apply. Included are the most recent updates and developments in using the count back line and the Guppy Multiple Moving Average.


Forex Factory - Guppy's Multi-Moving Average (GMMA)

Daryl Guppy also includes a practical look at setting stop loss conditions to protect capital and profits, and a bonus section on Darvas-style trend trading which is the first significant update of this technique in forty years. Trend Trading shows readers how to use and apply the analysis tools to find effective long-term trades.

These can be applied to any group of selected stocks, whether chosen on fundamental criteria, from stock tip newsletters, or found using database technical scans. Klicken Sie auf 2. Alle Produkte. Daryl Guppy is the founder and director of Guppytraders.

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He is an active private trader in equity and derivative markets. Guppy writes in several Chinese languagepublications, including a fortnightly market commentary column inBeijing's Weekly On Stocks magazine and Shanghai SecuritiesNews.

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His book Trend Trading Master is available in Chinese. He conducts regular financial training seminars in Beijing,Shanghai, Nanjing and other cities in China.

He has guest lecturedat Xi'an University. We use six tests to select the best trend trading candidate, and no test is complete without a test result. We start a trade with the best of intentions, and then turn it into a trading wreck.

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This is Jekyll and Hyde trading where our best laid plans and intentions are thrown overboard when it comes time to act. There are no easy solutions to resolve this behaviour, but our discussion is designed to help you recognise the problem. We also examine a technique to separate luck form skill when assessing your trading results.

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Readers who resisted the temptation to flip forward to find the test answers can enjoy the opportunity to measure their performance and reactions against those who took the original test in real time. Success may appear difficult or impossible when everybody knows exactly the same information, but this is just a mirage. Profits come from the way we use information and we can all be successful. This is the true secret of performance plus in trend trading.

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All Rights Reserved. Common solutions rarely lead to uncommon profits so we spend a little bit of time examining some common ideas to see if they are really useful.