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  1. Hiking Trails with Wildflowers Near Denver, Colorado
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Rent a mountain bike. Sleep in. Read a book on the porch.

Hiking Trails with Wildflowers Near Denver, Colorado

Check out the cute town of CB. Book a. Saturday Night: We gather for dinner and havdallah, saying goodbye to this glorious and much needed day of rest. The trail begins in a wooded forest with a rushing, flowing mountain stream on your right.

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Lunch will be on or before the West Maroon Pass depending on the collective hunger of the group. After lunch, the trail will wind down the high alpine meadow, framed by the Maroon Bells high above on the left and the West Maroon Creek on the right.

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There are fewer times in Colorado that are more special than wildflower season, where the entire landscape is carpeted with brilliant colors, blue skies, snowcapped mountains in the distance, and fields of emerging flowers of every hue as far as the eye can see. Here are our favorite hikes in Colorado to see wildflowers.

The lush plains around Boulder give way to fields of wildflowers stretching all the way to the Flatirons. Here are some of our favorite wildflower hikes around Boulder, Colorado. Sanitas explode with color after the long winter, as the Lions Lair trail, lined with grassy hillsides, erupts into wildflower color.

Read PDF Wondrous Wildflowers of Boulder County

Start in the Sanitas Valley meadow and see the carpets surrounding the peak with Indian paintbrush, cumbres, poppies, and columbines stretching out towards the hills. Hike anywhere from miles with different combinations of difficulty and enjoy the one of a kind spring Colorado color. Set in the confines of the towering walls of Eldorado Canyon State Park, Goshawk Ridge rises through forests and meadows, with the Flatirons rising spectacularly in the background as a field of flowers stretches towards the canyons and mountains.

Planting Wildflowers in the Colorado Mountains - Our Journey :: Episode #37

Hikers who are looking for an easier option will enjoy the Mesa Trail, which stretches all the way from Eldorado Canyon and traverses rolling hills, grassy fields, and low grades trails back into the City of Boulder. The journey to Black Lake is a strenuous, 10 mile, round-trip hike with significant elevation gain--but both the destination of Black Lake and the several waterfalls along the way make it more than worth the effort.

Explore the full Black Lake hiking trail profile for trail map, A pleasant trail with little gain in elevation and mellow terrain makes this a great escape from the city. The Blue Grouse Trail is a perfect hiking trail for spotting wildlife, from birds to deer, viewing fall colors and wildflowers, and The journey to the waterfall requires a strenuous, 2-mile hike along the banks of Booth Creek.

A Deeper Look

Explore the full Booth Creek Falls hike profile Keep your eyes out for Elk in the meadows along this hiking trail in Colorado's favorite National Park. Get the hike information you need with our hiking snapshot for Bridal Veil Falls, and get more details View Trail Info Butler Gulch Hike The Butler Gulch Trail near Berthoud Falls is a moderately difficult out-and-back trail with a balance of shade on the first half and then above treeline with spectacular views of peaks and wildflowers all around.

Activities here include stream crossings and steep climbs, and one can visit an old mine above the treeline.