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  1. Make sure that the light you think you have is not actually darkness. Luke 11:35
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God wants His kingdom to be established where people subject themselves to His reign and do His will here and now, just as it is being done in heaven. Jesus clarified that the kingdom He had in mind was not of this world. The kingdom of God is also referred to as the kingdom of heaven. If it were to be a kingdom on earth, His soldiers would be there to fight for it.

But it is a spiritual kingdom where we enthrone God as king in our hearts and where we subject ourselves to Him to do His will. While we are living in this world, this kingdom in our hearts marks us as being not of this world.

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The kingdom of God will provide its people righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit in their hearts even while they are living in this world of sin. When more and more people enter into this kingdom through repenting from their sins and putting their trust in Jesus, they will influence the people and circumstances around them by being the salt and light of this world. This kingdom cannot be achieved by trying to improve life on earth. In other words, without the preaching of the Gospel and people being born again, there cannot be any building of the kingdom of God.

When people get into the kingdom, they will start impacting the world around them by being the salt and light of the world. How is it that at such a time as ours, when things are going from bad to worse in terms of morality, understanding of right and wrong, violence, perversion, etc.

Make sure that the light you think you have is not actually darkness. Luke 11:35

These are the messages given for these days in the New Testament. When God sent messages to the people of Israel through the Old Testament prophets, the common factor was a call to repent and to turn back to God. On the contrary, at this time of apostasy, nearly at the end of the world, He seems to have sent a message that addresses a secondary issue. Following that, many Christians seem to have changed their focus to working in the seven mountains, forgetting weightier matters.

To put things in an extreme way, when our time on earth is becoming very short and we should be concentrating on what is most important, some Christians seem to be worried about, for example, how to Christianise art forms in the different cultures. The Deception Many Christian leaders seem to be unaware of the fact that not every message they receive in their heart is from God. This seems to be particularly true of those who believe in hearing God speak to them in their heart. Such doctrines are not necessarily weird looking ones which we can immediately identify as coming from demons.

The examples Paul gives are doctrines that forbid marriage or eating certain foods, which are deceptive because they give an appearance of making people holy and godly! Following such doctrines will make people think they are becoming holy while they are actually turning their focus away from real inner godliness.

Hey Ray, I need help to . . .

There are, of course, demonic doctrines that lead people to licentiousness, debauchery, and various forms of sin. But demonic doctrines may also be those which look good on the outside, but which will distract people from God and His ways. Let us not also forget the fact that not everything supernatural is from God, and that not even being filled with the Holy Spirit can protect us from thoughts that evil spirits can place in our mind.

But then, God is not restricted to speaking to His people only things that are already there in the Bible. He can give us specific instructions for different times we live in. However, we need to check everything that seems to come from God to see if it is in contradiction to what the Bible says or is in line with it. Obviously, God will not contradict Himself.

One important factor that made so many people believe that this message was from God was that it came to godly people such as these three. One does not normally expect that godly people like these would make a mistake in this area of hearing from God. Another factor could be the miraculous way in which the same message was given to three different people around the same time. But just think of it, this is quite within the capabilities of Satan to do!

7 Mountains of Influence

So these two factors are not enough to convince us that this message was from God. Make Disciples Let us look at the concept of improving the Christian influence on the seven mountains in the context of the Bible. The Bible does say about Christians being the salt and light of the earth and thereby being a positive influence on the world. It also tells us to be witnesses for God in every part of the world. But in order to be able to achieve this, what Christians need to do first of all is to live lives that are witnesses for God.

Secondly, we preach the Gospel to every creature and make disciples of all nations so that they also can experience the change.

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That is how the people of the world can repent and receive the good news of salvation. That is how they can be born again and become a part of the kingdom of God. That will then add to the witness to the world and enhance the influence on the seven mountains.

This does not seem to be in line with what God has said through the Bible. Because Satan is telling people to do something good for the others and not evil, as we would normally expect him to do, we would be caught off guard and into his snare.

The Seven Mountains

What we do not find is an emphasis on leading people to Christ and getting their lives changed by Christ. There are also a few who do not seem to have thought through all these implications, but naively think that better situations on these mountains will make it conducive to their preaching of the Gospel. Is This The End? Os Hillman returns to the Eternal Leadership Podcast for the 4th time. Solving problems is what Jesus did to build his influence. In almost every encounter He had, he solved a problem for someone.

The 7 Mountains Explained | Ray Edwards

And as a result, people began to follow Him. The greatest weakness for us entrepreneurs is that we get involved in a lot of good things instead of God things. On the topic of conflicting opinions, Os shared a story of how he and his team built a bridge by engaging and conversing with their attackers instead of debating and arguing with them. With this approach, they diffused a.

As a final thought, Os emphasized that we need to understand that the devil wants us to believe a lie about who we are.

GTHR - The Seven Mountains of Influence

He wants us to believe that we are in business purely to make money. And that is not the purpose of business alone. We are called to represent Christ in our business life. God wants to use our businesses to have influence in culture, to pastor our employees, and to impact our community.

Marketplace Leaders and the TGIF devotional helps men and women fulfill their calling and purpose in their work and life. His latest book released in July is The Joseph Calling: 6 stages to fulfill, navigate and fulfill your purpose. Os Hillman speaks at conferences, churches, luncheons, retreats, and other events and also teaches workshops.