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  1. Installing Ubuntu LTS on Virtualbox (with screenshots for beginners) | ΞXΤЯΞМΞ
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  3. Integration of R, RStudio and Hadoop in a VirtualBox Cloudera Demo VM on Mac OS X

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Labels: News , opinion. I've rebuild the Dell laptop for my young lady to use as a desktop replacement; it is dual-booting Windows Vista and Ubuntu Guess which one she wants? Unfortunately, installing Ubuntu second means it is the default choice at the top of the Grub2 boot menu. If you've tried to edit that Grub2 menu, you'll know what a tricky job it can be.

If you haven't - don't. Using the bit version will have better performance in my opinion. Disk Requirements : Atleast 8 GB of free space. After you have downloaded Virtual Box and Ubuntu You would see a window like this:. This will be space which will be used by your Ubuntu OS after installation.

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Its recommended to use at least a minimum of 10GB to 15 GB. You choose any location you want or simply use the default location.

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Now,you can select whether you want your hard disk to grow dynamically i. Now, you would come back to the initial screen but now you will see the virtual machine you created here. And select the Ubuntu ISO image file you downloaded earlier. It will copy all the setup files and then begin to install Ubuntu onto your Virtual Hard Disk. After it is done installing, it will prompt you asking you to Reboot. After the reboot is complete, you will see the Login Screen.

Installing Ubuntu LTS on Virtualbox (with screenshots for beginners) | ΞXΤЯΞМΞ

Click on the username to select and enter your password and press Enter to login. So, yeah! If you have any sort of queries regarding this installation , feel free to leave a comment. Idea…add a blurb about partitioning the alloted space into seperate partitions. As i am a Windows slave, i can partition my HDD 20 different ways from Sunday, but not sure about all the different types and boot locations supplied in the Custom HDD design. Thank you for your posting.

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After the installation of ubuntu I pressed ok, after this whole system freezes. Any solution please. I will be very grateful for this. Thank u. Dinesh, Your Welcome. I have checked on the message that you have mentioned and I have found a thread that you find useful to solve that problem.

Complete Fog Imaging server Tutorial using Virtualbox 4.2.4 and cloning windows 7

Check out the below links:. I am using ubuntu Also, please post your computer config:.

Integration of R, RStudio and Hadoop in a VirtualBox Cloudera Demo VM on Mac OS X

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Installing Ubuntu Stuff you will need: 1. This is a screenshot of my Ubuntu Desktop after installation. Like this: Like Loading November 5, at PM.