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  1. NICS to NYSAFE: A mental health perspective
  2. NY SAFE Act
  3. Reportable Diseases and Conditions (Article 11) | NYC Rules

Thorley , 35 A.

NICS to NYSAFE: A mental health perspective

By contrast, the plaintiff in this case was not delusional, was able to walk by himself and was able to carry on a conversation. While he unquestionably had a high blood alcohol level, he was in control of his faculties. The second possible authority permitting a patient to be involuntarily detained is statutory, but clearly inapplicable. Patients who are brought to a hospital by police may be involuntarily detained under certain circumstances. The Mental Hygiene Laws provide no authority for a physician to detain an intoxicated patient at the hospital if that patient came in voluntarily.


Therefore, the Court held that the physician and the hospital had no authority, and therefore no duty, to detain the plaintiff. Accordingly, the healthcare provider defendants were awarded summary judgment and the case was dismissed.

Moving quickly on gun laws

If you would like to learn how Lexology can drive your content marketing strategy forward, please email enquiries lexology. Due to these limitations and the inherent difficulty of determining whether an alleged incapacitated person has at least enough capacity to consent, there are generally few cases where the Guardianship is allowed based upon consent.

Reportable Diseases and Conditions (Article 11) | NYC Rules

Unfortunately, the necessity for a Guardian where a person lacks capacity pervades both the rich and less fortunate. Bill Hetherman reported on March 4, in the Daily News. In an article reported in mydesert.

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If you or someone you know is involved with or has questions about a New York Guardianship or estate, please contact me at or email: jules. Jules Martin Haas provides his clients and members of the community with a free monthly e-newsletter which contains articles covering a variety of legal topics including estate planning, financial matters and real estate.

New York State SAFE Act and Section 9.46 of the NYS Mental Hygiene Law

Of those reported to NYS, only a handful of handgun license holders have been notified of the secret reports, during court cases. The report is not part of patient medical records.

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And, the state agencies in possession of the reports refuse to release them even to the individual. Capanna also released the original FOIL, all of which was denied, except for the one data set.

Among the decisions currently pending are the records, if any, of more than 2, individuals who submitted FOIL requests to the NYS Police for any records it may be harboring against them from medical providers. Capanna previously won the case of Robinson v. I have to wonder how many of these secret reports indicate that the patient may have a banned or assault weapon the must be registered under ny safe act? Tyrant cuomo using doctors as stool pigeons to fasilitate the expansion of the secret police and informant network.