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  1. Lawsuit alleges Mylan, other pharma companies conspired to inflate drug prices
  2. Over 40 states are suing generic drug companies for alleged conspiracy to hike prices

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  • US states sue generic firms over ‘inflated’ prices.

The mass arrest soon embarrassed the city. Students visiting from China had been arrested and the Chinese government filed an official protest. Additional protests from the Cleveland Chinese community led city officials to issue an official apology to those arrested. The murder case, meanwhile, took a confusing turn. Mark Ham changed his story, confessing that the murder had been committed by members of the On Leong Tong in order to discredit the rival tong and to punish 3 recent defectors.


Lawsuit alleges Mylan, other pharma companies conspired to inflate drug prices

Ham himself had been the lookout and was charged as an accomplice. On Leong Tong members claimed that Ham's confession had been made through a Hip Sing translator and was not true. Grewal, the New Jersey attorney general, said in a statement.

Deus ex: The Conspiracy Dark Age ending

In court documents, the state prosecutors lay out a brazen price-fixing scheme involving more than a dozen generic drug companies and just as many executives responsible for sales, marketing and pricing. The complaint alleges that the conspirators knew their efforts to thwart competition were illegal and that they therefore avoided written records by coordinating instead at industry meals, parties, golf outings and other networking events.

Over 40 states are suing generic drug companies for alleged conspiracy to hike prices

The bulk of the collusive activity occurred from July to January , according to the complaint, when Teva raised prices on nearly formulations of generic drugs. At the same time, the companies colluded to raise prices on as many drugs as possible, according to the complaint. Some of the restaurants operated under the name Bai Tong, and some were called Noi. The pair also used the unreported cash to pay employees under the table, avoiding state and federal employment taxes. Finally, some of the cash proceeds were siphoned off to bank accounts in Thailand, and the existence of the accounts was not reported on their income tax returns.

Bowing to Trump, Novartis Joins Pfizer in Freezing Drug Prices

The IRS may also assess other taxes, penalties and interest through its civil processes. The two are scheduled to be sentenced Nov. District Judge James L.

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  5. Sweeping lawsuit accuses top generic drug companies, executives of fixing prices.
  6. Tong: Emails highlight collusion among generic drug manufacturers;
  7. Prosecutors agreed to recommend sentences of no more than two years in prison for Lapangkura and no more than 18 months in prison for Chaiseeha. The judge is not bound by the recommendation.