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But the pursuit of a paycheck is also plaguing our country. A real man is not lazy. He works hard. But a real man never allows the almighty dollar to drive his hard work. How ridiculous.

The Ten Commandments of Marriage

Make no mistake. I love golf. I would love to play every day. I know guys who take Atlanta Tennis Lessons and love it. But I also have two kids and a wife.

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  • 2. Dating Is Not Spontaneous.

I have a full-time job. I have a blog. And there are only twenty fours in a day. Something must go to the back burner. There are seasons of life where golf, fishing, or hunting must take a backseat. Hobbies are just that…hobbies. A real man never chooses a hobby over family or God. I remember visiting Las Vegas for the first time. Women wearing next to nothing begged for the attention of those around.

New and everlasting covenant of marriage

Sensuality and the objectification of women and men were impossible to ignore. For much of my life, I struggled to keep my mind pure. I thought lust was normal and uncontrollable. Boys will be boys, right? Lust is sin. A real man. The cultural lie that all men lust fed a porn addiction. Purity is a virtue.

The Ten Commandments

It is something God values. A real man pursues it. If someone forces you to react, you are not in control of yourself. Despite the lies of the world, this is true strength. Strength that comes from within. Strength that comes from God. Self-control breeds a life with less regret and more stability.

A real man values self-control. He draws strength from the Lord. God is the only source of lasting strength, and a real man acknowledges this reality. He then uses this strength to lead his family, run his business, and interact with his peers at school in a way that glorifies God. This dog eats dog cloud hanging over our culture is a lie. A real man celebrates with his friends, wife, and co-workers when something positive happens in their life.

Who cares if she makes more money or has a more important title? There is more than one seat at the table of life. Pull up a chair and let others sit down. Pull up a seat and allow others to sit down. This word, maybe above any other, describes a real man. I think we can all see where this one is going. The toilet was a funnel, a metre or so from the bed, behind a curtain. They split soon after. Your body, your home, your air space. And it was there, within the walls of my student halls in Liverpool, that I learned one of the harshest lessons about non-familial domesticity.

One evening, when I returned to the communal kitchen to retrieve my dinner, I found that someone had stolen my jacket potato from the oven. Then I remembered Susan, scurrying past me in the corridor, looking distinctly uncomfortable as she gripped her hoodie around her midriff, looter-like. Of course she denied it. But I knew she was lying. Furthermore, I felt a deep need to go forth and perform the exact opposite of my natural instinct at that point, which was meanness.


It actually feels nice. No, really. Get in touch, Susan. Or at least send me a potato. In a pressure-cooker space with someone, you can discover life-changing things that make you wonder how you survived without them. I introduced my best friend Alison to pesto with pasta when we lived together at university in the late 90s. As she destroyed the entire bowl, she looked and sounded as if she was having an orgasm — maybe she was. This again boils down to compromise. My mum vigilantly turns off every single plug socket every night before she goes to bed.

She also unplugs the microwave because someone told her the clock uses up a lot of electricity overnight. Nor should he. Because you know what? Everyone is allowed to be ludicrous about one thing, once a day. Then I saw the vacuum cleaner, and realised I just lived with an idiot. But, you know, so did she, some nights. Animals can be a deal-breaker.

I love cats.

The 10 Dating Commandments | The Millionaire Matchmaker Photos

Those people are suspect and, at the very least, social perverts. And the internet. Books, I hear you cry!